The rules of a Demural shop

§1 General provisions

  1. The rules and regulations determine the functioning conditions of the Demural Internet Shop that is available at
  2. Making use of an offer of the Demural shop means the acceptance of rules and regulations. The terms used herein shall mean:
  3. The rules and regulations – these rules and regulations of the Demural shop.
    1. Shop – a website available at that enables to buy offered goods.
    2. Operator - DEMUR Krzysztof Wcisło 178 Monton Road Eccles, Manchester M30 9GA United Kingdom VATIN PL7371960063.
    3. Buyer –a physical person possessing full capacity to act in law; a legal person; an organisational unit not having legal personality; which makes a purchase of goods that are available in the shop. A buyer can also be a person possessing limited capacity to act in law with a statutory representative’s consent.
    4. Registration – the process of opening user account at the shop.
  4. The shop sells photo wallpapers and canvas pictures produced to Client’s order.
  5. Making use of functions that are available in the shop requires possession of a computer or a corresponding device connected to the Internet and equipped with a browser supporting JavaScript.
  6. Functions available in the shop shall not be used for purposes against the law.

§ 2 Ordering

  1. Making a purchase in a shop requires prior registration. Registration takes place after the first order.
  2. Registration demands following data:
    1. Name and surname
    2. E-mail address
    3. Address for correspondence
    4. Telephone number
  3. After placing an order, a buyer receives a password to his/her account in the shop via E-mail that was provided in a registration form.
  4. Buyers conducting economic activity are required to give a value added tax identification number (VATIN).
  5. Registration on the website means declaration of consent for receiving trade information, according to regulations of the Law Of Electronically Supplied Services, via E-mail that was provided in a registration form.
  6. A buyer is able to order a photo wallpaper or a canvas picture:
    1. based on a graphics file sent by him/her
    2. based on a graphics file available in the Demural shop.
  7. If a buyer uploads his/her own graphic project, he/she declares that he/she has copyright to the graphics project and bears full responsibility in the respect of the copyright of the uploaded graphics file.
  8. In case where ordered photo wallpaper or canvas picture is based on a graphics file available in a Demural shop a price includes a cost of respective licences and copyrights allowing to make a subject of the order. In this case, a buyer doesn’t acquire any copyrights to the subject of the order; in particular he/she has no right to reproduce, duplicate and distribute the subject of the order and can’t receive any income in this respect. Any modifications within this scope demand to conclude a separate written license agreement with an operator.
  9. Orders can be placed round the clock for 24hrs, 7 days a week.
  10. A buyer receives an order confirmation via Email that was given during registration or ordering.

§ 3 Payments and shipment

  1. The standard method of payment accepted by our shop is the electronic transfer operated by PayPal and Sofort Banking according to the rules and regulations of these websites. Other methods of payment are acceptable after an individual agreement.
  2. We sent a commodity within a maximum of 10 business days after receiving financial means on our bank account. In exceptional circumstances, a commodity is sent after 14 business days.
  3. A buyer is informed about order processing and shipping via Email provided during registration or ordering.

§4 Withdrawing from the agreement

  1. is an internet service for individual, personalised orders.
  2. The Buyer specifies the order by selecting the photo, material, dimension and possible print finishing options. Production of each product is carried out from the moment The Buyer places an order and made a payment as described in paragraph 2. the operator does not accept return of the goods, except the complaint procedure, which properties (appearance) are set directly by the consumer during placing the order.

§ 5 Final provisions

  1. All complaints which don’t concern purchased commodity and which concern performance of website should be reported in a written form via Email.
  2. Complaints will be investigated within 14 business days.
  3. A user can delete his/her account. An account is deleted after sending an e-mail to: [email protected]
  4. An operator can amend the rules and regulations due to substantial reasons connected with introduction of new functions to the shop or extension of stock. He informs users about changes by websites of the shop. In unspecified cases, respective regulations of the Civil Code, the Law Of Electronically Supplied Services and other adequate acts are applied.

§6 Complaints procedure

  1. Any complaints arising from the non-conforming product or its defects can be notified via e-mail: [email protected]