About us

about us

We offer photo wallpapers, pictures and wall decoration which lighten up every living room and impart character to every bedroom. Photo wallpapers for an office, pictures for a kitchen, pictures for children and youth – all of that and much more in one place on the internet. Only on demural.co.uk

Pictures ordered by you are framed in canvas stretchers of high quality, and all photo wallpaper are produced to ensure your convenience, therefore unassisted installation of them is really easy. Our products are printed on materials from leading manufacturers only. HP Latex Printing Technology guarantees that our products are completely safe for health and durable. Printing is carried out under control of qualified specialists with over 50 years of experience.

Subsequently, pictrues are stretched over canvas stretchers that are produced by leading companies. Unassisted installation of printed photo wallpapers is not difficult.

Demural.co.uk means amenity, economics and a guarantee of top quality. We possess a database of thousands of photos on a license paid by us. We enable to print a photo wallpaper or a picture from your own photo and we take care of each order to be performed in accordance with Client’s expectations.

Demural is a bank of inspirations – without hidden fees, with a guarantee of the highest quality and short time of the order processing.

We invite you to a virtual art gallery where wall decorations emerge from hiding and stand in the foreground of interior design.