Samples for everyone

Are you not sure how your chosen graphic will present itself on the wall? No problem, order a sample!

If you are unsure whether a particular pattern will have the right color saturation in the selected material variant, we understand this. You want nothing to spoil the effect of your new decoration.

Make sure and order samples before you buy photo wallpaper for an entire wall.

How does it look like?

You point us to the graphic of your choice and ask for a sample. We print a 1:1 scale print so that the reproduction is as reliable as possible. We can, at your request, make samples of any material available from us, but you should expect the waiting time to be a little longer.

We also offer a quicker option, which involves sending files by e-mail. This is a convenient option for those who only need such visualisation or for customers who have good equipment for colour printing.

How does the ordering look like?

Ordering is very simple. You select a graphic, and then click in the window – “Ask a Question“. You then enter the size of the sample and the type of material you are interested in, as well as your shipping address and telephone number. You can do the same via the contact form, but it is important to include either a link to the product or a photo number in your message.

What is the waiting time for samples?

The waiting period is between 3 and 10 working days, and depends on the number of samples ordered.