The night is a moment that lets us relax, immerse in sleep, forget about worries and concerns. It is a moment or regeneration that makes us feel special. If you want to feel that way in your room at night you should think about changing the arrangement. What would you say for a photo wallpaper with a moonlight theme? This unusual decoration is a perfect element creating an atmosphere laying us down into the deep dream. The room around you is something more than only four walls – it is also a space that determines and characterises us. Enchant your small kingdom – moon wallpaper bedroom waits for its proper usage. Do you wonder what can you get from such a decoration? The answer is simple – the magic, energy, mystery and place – the space free from unnecessary additions. Thanks to using the wall as a decorative space you will get the character which is worth sleeping a bit longer or simply laying in bed and relaxing. It is time for the night of the full moon – decide what is beautiful in order to follow the dreamy arrangements. Do not fight with yourself but start looking for something that makes you happy. The light is what you need for you and your space. The large photo is a right choice for bedroom – it will be great also in a bathroom or a living room. What counts is what you feel – maybe you should think about that?